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Getting You Into Ketosis with Keto Meal Packages

This post will walk you through the basics of our new meal packages and explain why you might want to order them (asides from the obvious reason of eating even more delicious keto food).

Our three keto meal packages are designed to assist anyone looking to either start or maintain living a healthy keto lifestyle. The kickstart packages will help you enter into ketosis if that is your goal. 


In each meal package are seven days’ worth of 100% keto friendly meals. We have selected every meal individually so that each day will contain the proper macros to fit into a healthy ketogenic diet. No day exceeds 20 net carbs and we have kept to a ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. All meals are also added on MyFitnessPal for those tracking macros!

We want to make living a low-carb high-fat lifestyle as easy and accessible as possible. In each package you’ll receive (along with your food) a run-down of how to best utilize your meal package, answers to commonly asked questions, and a print out of your weekly meal schedule so all you have to do is heat and eat.


Our three different packages are geared to meet you where-ever you’re at on your keto journey. Read on to find out which package is right for you.

  1. The Keto Kickstart Package
Who: Anyone new to keto (starting out the first month or two)
What: 21 keto meals + fat bombs + supplements. Everything you need to make a keto coffee (MCT oil & grass-fed butter), digestive enzymes to help your body adjust to your new diet, and ketone test strips so you can track your progress are included.
Why: This package gives you the tools and meals you need to start on healthy ketogenic diet. Designed to keep you satiated and fuelled while your body adjusts to the decrease in carbohydrates.
 PS you can read more about supplementing on keto here.


  1. The Committed Keto Package
Who: Those who have the basics, but still want all the food
What: 21 keto meals + fat bombs. Seven breakfasts, lunches and dinners plus a fat bomb for every day. No supplements.
Why: For those who are committed to living a healthy keto lifestyle but don’t want to take on all the cooking, cleaning and macro counting.
  1. The Intermittent Fasting Package

Who: Those who living a keto lifestyle already and want to incorporate intermittent fasting.
What: 14 keto meals (lunch & dinner only) + fat bombs
Why: Intermittent fasting is a great way to help maintain ketosis and encourage your body to utilize fat for fuel.


One thing you may notice is that we have not included any keto desserts in our meals packages. This is because we recommend avoiding keto desserts when starting on a keto diet to help curb sugar cravings and break the habit of eating sweets. BUT we understand everyone is different. You can add desserts into your cart separately if you want to incorporate them into your diet.


Make sure to read the overview that comes with your keto meal package to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program. We also recommend measuring yourself if you’re looking to track progress so you are not solely relying on the scale.

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