A note about ketolibriyum instagram

Please please give us a follow @ketolibriyumofficial and spread the word : https://www.instagram.com/ketolibriyumofficial/

To our amazing keto community, 

This past week, our Instagram account @ketolibriyum was unfortunately hacked. The account (now called ''gotteblibriyymsu'' is posting scam content  related to bitcoin that we are not affiliated with at all. After working with instagram to try and recover the account, we were informed that this all to common issue is very hard to reverse. 

We are deeply saddened to see all our years of hard work building this online community and memories taken from us. 

We firstly want to let you know that in no way has any of the other component of our business been compromised. At this time, while we are trying to recover to old instagram account, we have launched a new account so we can continue to share what's new and exciting with ketolibriyum. 

Despite our extreme disappointment, we are none the less excited to see you on our new page!

Please please give us a follow @ketolibriyumofficial and spread the word : https://www.instagram.com/ketolibriyumofficial/

To follow us:

  • Log in to your Instagram app or visit www.instagram.com
  • Search for "@ketolibriyumofficial" in the search bar
  • Click on the account with our official logo and handle
  • Tap the "Follow" button to start receiving our latest updates
Thank you for your continued support, without you guys we are nothing!

With love and thanks, 
Gloria and the whole team at ketolibriyum