To keep your fresh food even fresher, please note your order will now be shipped with dry ice.

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its frozen/solid form and is much different than regular ice. Due to the temperature difference it can be unsafe to touch. In fact, it can cause injuries, burning sensations, frostbite if handled with bare hands. 

If you do come in contact with the dry ice, warm the affected area immediatly with warm water. 

When you receive your Ketolibriyum delivery, the dry ice will be at the bottom of your box. 

Please take the following precautions to ensure the proper disposal and handling of the dry ice

  1. Handle it with care – grab an oven mitt or a gardening glove to take out the contents of your box, without coming into direct contact with the dry ice.

  2. After taking your food out, place the bag of dry ice outside the box for it to dissipate on its own.

  3. After an hour or so, once the ice is completely gone from the bag, the bag can be thrown out into the trash.