Kung Pao Chicken with Cauli-Fried Rice

Kung Pao Chicken with Cauli-Fried Rice

Kung Pao Chicken with Cauli-Fried Rice



Tender pieces of chicken are tossed in our tangy Kung Pao sauce and and served with a side of our cauliflower fried rice stir fried  with Tamari, green onion and fresh herbs.

Made with Antibiotic, Hormone Free & Halal Chicken

Macros: Calories 610, Total Fat 41 g, Total Carbohydrate 22 g, Sugar Alcohol 0 g, Dietary Fiber 10 g, Net Carbohydrates 12 g, Protein 44 g

Calories 580, Total Fat 42 g, Total Carbohydrate 19 g, Dietary Fiber 6 g,Sugar Alcohol 5 g, Net Carbohydrates 8 g, Protein 37 g.

Chicken, Cauliflower, Egg, Tamari, Sesame Oil, Rice Wine Vinegar, Green Pepper, Scallions, Chili, Tomato Paste, Coconut Aminos, Fish Sauce, Fresh Herbs, Lime Juice, Maple Extract, Stevia, Spices

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