The Lonely Carb : English Muffins 4 pack

The Lonely Carb : English Muffins 4 pack

The Lonely Carb : English Muffins 4 pack

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Attention breakfast lovers! May we present to you a clean, healthy low-carb english muffin. Here to meet all your brunching needs, these light and fluffy buns are made using flax, egg whites and psyllium husk. Use them to make your favourite breakfast sandwich or simply enjoy with a little butter and jam. You can't go wrong!

They are completely:

  • gluten-free
  • nut-free
  • preservative free
  • low-carb
  • keto-friendly

4 English Muffins Per Package

4 muffins per package, per 1 muffin (80g): Calories: 70, Total Fat: 16g, Total Carbohydrates: 14g, Dietary Fibres: 13g, Sugars: 0g, Net Carbs: 1g, Protein: 9g

Ground Flax, Egg Whites, Sunflower Oil, Psyllium Husk, Pea Protein, Xanthan gum, Baking Powder, Salt, Yeast, Stevia, Enzyme.

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