Meal Package: Intermittent Fasting (22)


Designed for the those who include intermittent fasting in their routine. This keto meal package includes lunches and dinners for one week. Each day’s meals contain less than 25 net grams of carbs and a minimum of 70% of calories coming from fat. Perfect for those who are already in ketosis, or those ready to cut back on their daily intake. By incorporating intermittent fasting into your ketogenic diet, you can help your body switch from burning glucose to burning fat, and help you shift into, or maintain, natural ketosis.




Each day's meals are based on a 70-80% fat, 20-25% protein and 5% carb count. Each day's meals contain less than 25 g net carbs. Calories range from around 1100-1500. You will receive a full macro and weekly menu guide with your package.

Tracking your macros? All our bundles are available on MyFitnessPal (owned by underarmour) and Carb Manager. Simply search for your the meal item and add it to your daily food log!


The Intermittent Fasting package includes 7 Dinners and 7 Lunches. See below for the meal package content!


Ketosis usually kicks in after 5-8 days of eating less than 25 net carbs per day. Make sure you follow the instructions that come with your kickstart package to achieve optimal results. We do not recommend consuming keto desserts on your first two weeks of starting the diet in order to help reduce sugar cravings. Please remember everyone's body and metabolism are different, and results will vary depending on starting point and body type.


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*Please consult a doctor before starting the ketogenic diet, especially those on medications for diabetes or blood pressure. Always consult your health professional with questions.*

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