No Sugar Keto Krax: Dark Chocolatey Peanut

No Sugar Keto Krax: Dark Chocolatey Peanut - ketolibriyum

No Sugar Keto Krax: Dark Chocolatey Peanut


Introducing the No Sugar Keto Krax, the first no sugar chocolate bark to hit the market! The No Sugar Keto Krax Dark Chocolatey Peanut Crunch is coated in a custom dark chocolate, packed with crunchy peanuts, and good-for-you fats to help curb your hunger. These innovative snacks from No Sugar Company will help you stay healthy and satisfied on your no sugar or keto journey! They are the treat without the cheat!

Why say no to sugar? Reducing sugar from your diet can increase your energy and prevent associated health risks. No Sugar Keto Krax is a healthy way to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds.
Serving Size 4 pieces (40g): Calories 160, Total Fat (14g) , Total Carbohydrates (22g) | Dietary fiber (8g), Erythritol (12g), Net Carbs (2g), Protein (2g) |

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Enjoying quality, fresh made foods without added sugars shouldn't be hard. We have been on a mission since day one to share this belief and make healthy eating for you and your family easy and delicious.

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Our chef prepared meals and baked goods are made from scratch using premium local ingredients. Our passion is to create delicious food that you can count on being ketogenic, grain free, 100% gluten-free and sugar- free.

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