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Managing My Dad's Diabetes: Our Founders Story

I grew up Italian. My parents were born in Italy and immigrated here before having me and my sibling. Life was hard, but they worked even harder and made it work all to give their family a better life. Of course, coming from Italy they brought with them their love for food, including pasta, pizza, fresh breads and the occasional lasagna.

Weekends were often spent helping prepare homemade ravioli or folding the tortellini my mother would make by hand. They were healthy, happy and enjoyed pasta. It wasn’t until we started getting busier that foods like hamburger helper and commercial cereals made their way into our house.

By the age of 60, my dad had been diagnosed as borderline type 2 diabetic and immediately was put on medication to help with his condition. For someone who rarely overindulged or ate out, he was shocked. He continued to enjoy as much fruit as he liked, without any warning to cut back on his sugar or bread intake.

It wasn’t until 2015 when I first discovered the ketogenic diet did we try anything different. I myself had been a chronic dieter, which is what led me to try the ketogenic diet. Within weeks the benefits of eating keto became obvious. No cravings, increased energy and weight loss. My decades of yo-yo dieting had come to an end. I had finally found a sustainable way of eating.

Shortly after this, I started doing my research. I quickly learned the ketogenic diet could be used to help treat type two diabetes. Within three months of cutting down carbohydrates from my Dad’s diet, his doctor let us know there was no need for him to be on his medication. The  ketogenic diet was able to help him more in only three month than any medication could the previous 5 years.

It was these experiences that led me to start Ketolibriyum, and why I am writing this to share with you today. Enjoying delicious healthy, fresh made foods without added sugars shouldn't be hard. We have been on a mission since day one to share this belief and make healthy eating for you and your family easier.

This World Diabetes Day we are here to ask you help us spread the word. Too many people may not know about the power of food to help with this disease. Share this article, share your own story with your network. Make a change in your diet and lifestyle.

Together, we can help raise awareness to better fight this disease.   

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