• Keto Foodie Lifestyle Package

    Build your box. Featuring only keto & low-carb products. Choose between meals, baked-goods and beyond.

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  • Balanced Foodie Meal Package

    Build your box. Choose between Keto, Low-Carb, Mediterranean, Athlete, and Plant-Based meals.

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  • Keto Preset Meal Package

    Meals preselected by our chefs and nutritionist. Make keto eating easy. Less than 25 net carbs per day. Meals change weekly.

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Do I have to subscribe?

No! You can order either of our meal packages as one-time products. You will save up to 13% when you subscribe, there are no additional savings without subscribing.

Can I skip or cancel?

Yes absoluetly! You can skip a week, pause, or cancel your subscription anytime. From your customer portal you can manage all this and more!

What's the difference between preset & customizable packages?

In preset meal packs, meals are chosen by our team so that each day is always under 25 net carbs. They are great for someone just starting on keto! Our customizable meal packages are for those who would like to choose all their own options. Both contain 100% keto friendly meals that will make you drool!

Are meals sent frozen?

No frozen meals allowed! All our meals are cooked and sent to you fresh never frozen.

  • Clean Ingredients

    You won't find hidden sugars or processed ingredients in any of our food! Only nourishing, real food ingredients.

  • Made From Scratch

    Absolutely everything is made from scratch, we never resort to industry made products or big food standards.

  • Made with Love

    For us, food is a sign of love, and we want to share that love with you in every single meal.

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