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What To Expect with a Seven Day Keto Reset

Hello keto community! For this blog, we teamed up with @ketobabelife (find her on IG and TikTok) to get some insight on the in's and out's of doing a seven day keto reset. Read the Q&A below, and be sure to check us out on Instagram to see more details from the keto reset!

  1. Q: After completing your week-long keto reset, can you describe any noticeable changes in your energy levels or overall well-being?

    A: Yes! absolutely, I feel less hungry, I have a clear mind, the bloat is gone and I have zero cravings.

  2. Q: What was your favourite Ketolbriyum meal you ate during the reset?

    A: To be honest, I was extremely surprised by how many meals I LOVED!!! Noticeable mentions will have to go to Barbacoa with creamy cabbage, beef shawarma and sticky Korean beef.

  3. Q: Since we know many people worry about the restrictive nature of keto. How did you find the experience in terms of food variety and satiety? Were you ever left feeling hungry or deprived?

    A: I think the variety of food Ketolybrium offers now is so generous and I was never left feeling deprived of anything. I had fat bombs and cookies as extras in case I had a sugar craving or needed to increase my healthy fat intake. Which surprisingly I never ended needing besides my first day back on the reset.

  4. Q: After this week-long experience, what does the future of food look like for you? Planning to stick with strict keto?

    A:  Oh YES, I love being on keto, not just for weight loss, but also how I feel overall. My mind is clear, my joints are not aching, I always feel satiated after a delicious meal that is low carb, high protein and high fat.

  5. Q: What would you say to someone considering a keto reset themselves?

    A: I would always recommend making a plan for the week of food you would like to eat and track it. Make a list of goals for the week and/or day and check them off as you complete it. Don't try to do it all, if going cold turkey is difficult pick one thing you want to switch and do it for a few days and then add on (for example: eat a keto meal, after a few days add in X amount water daily, then add in a day or two of physical exercise, then incorporate IF)
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