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Down 80 lbs & Fighting Inflammation - Andrea's Story

''3 years ago I was in a life changing car accident and was left with injuries that made me unable to exercise or most days sit, stand or walk.''

The inability to move and keep active led to me gain 60 pounds which also contributed to me being in excruciating pain daily and hugely lacking in motivation and movement.

I was on multiple pain medications and was receiving pain med infusions treatments via IV to control my pain.

My sister (who introduced me to Keto and Ketolibriyum) told me about her weight loss and success with Keto but I was never a diet person but thought hey what have I got to lose at this point.

Myself and my husband made our first trip to Ketolibriyum the very next day after she recommended them and from that day on our weight loss and fitness journey began. Staff at the store were extremely helpful and informative and guided us into the initial stages of Keto.

Within just a few weeks I realized I was not in need of my meds and we were in shock I was starting to move more due to the carb and sugar reduction I was not suffering from inflammation and I was able to start walking and that turned into running which then turned into running daily combined with HIIT and strength workouts at home.

I can say today that I have lost 80 pounds, my sister has also lost 80 pounds and my husband lost 50.

Thank you is not enough to describe how grateful we all are for their service and we will continue to tell everyone about it and eat those yummy meals :)

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