From Keto Health Foods to Ketolibriyum, the story behind the new name.

Introducing the new keto health foods


Name changes can be confusing. Why do companies change their name to begin with? Customers are already familiar with the old name. We know…and we empathize with you.

When founder and CEO Gloria Palcich started Keto Health Foods, she wasn't sure where this journey would take her, but she knew exactly why she was starting it. After being on the keto diet herself for the past few years and seeing the incredible results that came from it, she wanted to spread the word. Starting with family, she put her diabetic father on the keto diet and was able to reduce his blood sugar enough to take him off his medication. It became clear to her, keto can change lives. 

Ketolibriyum Family


It was seeing real results firsthand that propelled her to start on this journey. She wanted to give people access to the way of eating that so deeply impacted her own life. Thus in 2017, Ketolibriyum (aka keto health foods) was born. 

Eating keto is an amazing way to not just lose weight, but immensely improve quality of life. - Gloria Palcich 

The initial success of Keto Health Foods was incredible. What started as a one-woman-show with Gloria doing all the cooking soon expanded into our first commercial kitchen on Hamilton road. Deliveries expanded from Sarnia and Woodstock all the way up to Hamilton. Thanks to all the support of our amazing community (aka you) we have now moved into an even larger kitchen on Commissioners.

Driven by our growth, we knew we needed to better convey with our business what we’re really all about. Although making Keto Health Foods is what we do, the name didn’t quite capture who we really are.


When you're in Ketosis, or even just cutting out carbs, you feel amazing. This isn't a placebo effect, eating Keto gives you a feeling unlike any other way of eating. Research has demonstrated the keto diet helps with weight loss, reduces inflammation, balances your hormones (including insulin) and gives you mental clarity and more focus. Even more, it is proven to have therapeutic benefit for diseases such as type two diabetes!

The word Equilibrium is defined as a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. It is both a physical and mental state of balance, and that is what you get when you start eating keto, and that is why we choose Ketolibriyum as our name.


Ultimately our new name, as much as we love it, can’t do all the talking. That is why along with changing our name, we have worked to create an improved user experience. This includes a complete update of our website and an improved ordering process. We are also proud to host an online keto community page to give all of our amazing community an opportunity to share and learn from one another – because without all of you – there is no us.

These changes represent our commitment to provide you with the best service possible. At Ketolibriyum we want to do more than simply provide you with food. We are here to help you cultivate the life you want to live.




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